He Is Risen

Empty Tomb- He is Risen
April 1, 2018
Bible Text: Luke 24: 1-9 | Preacher: Pastor "Mac" | Series: EasterJesus has Risen!!! 3 PointsJesus Has the Power Over Death: Over Himself Jesus Has the Power Over Death: For Others Jesus Has the Power Over Death: For Each of Us 

Be Patient…Yeah Right

Traffic Jam on a busy highway causes anger so be patient
March 11, 2018
Bible Text: Romans 8:22-27 | Preacher: Pastor "Mac" | Series: EasterPastor "Mac" talks about being patients, and how much we have to wait in life. Patients may help with our waiting. Pastor "Mac" helps us on giving us patients with the help of Jesus on how to ACT.Acceptance:Conversation: Talk to someone about what you are waiting about. Find someone that is going through the same issues that you are having. Talk to God. Pray about your situation. He is waiting for you to talk to Him.Trust: Trust in Jesus and God's plan.