New Year Changes


It’s that time of year again- a time to consider, on a personal level, how we can grow and improve as we head into the new year. What have you resolved to do? There are lots of good things to be resolved about; developing healthy habits or perhaps breaking an unhealthy one, helping other people, learning something new, maybe even advancing a career. More important than all of these, however, is your relationship with Jesus.

How are you choosing to intentionally grow closer to Jesus in the new year?  

As we celebrate 2017 and look forward to 2018, think of specific ways to grow in your faith, and share them with someone you love who will help keep you accountable. Most importantly, bring it to God in prayer and ask for his help as you seek to grow in faith! Speaking of growing in faith, be sure to check out the opportunities Our Savior Lutheran Church has to grow in faith and in a stronger relationship with Jesus and with one another as we continue to share Him with those around us.