Spiritual Training

Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives tales; rather train yourself to be godly. Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better. promising benefits in this life and the next.

1 Timothy 4: 7-8

How is your physical training going during this quarantine time? Have you been able to step it up a notch or have you been lazy and slacking? Our bodies are temples and wisdom should be applied in the choices we make for eating, resting and exercise. However, training for Godliness has greater benefits in this life and the next. What are you doing during this quarantine time to “train for Godliness”? Could God possibly be using this time for training you to become more like Him in order to use you more for His purposes in the kingdom; to throw off old habits and hangups that are holding us back from becoming who we are meant to be? Do you want to become more Christlike in your witness to a world that continues to turn their backs on Him? Did you know that prayer unlocks the doors of heaven so that God’s kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven?

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord,

As we enter into the holy of hollies, that place of intimacy with you, we ask that you search our hearts and forgive us when we compromise our walk with you in thought, word, and deed. Forgive us when we grow weary in our training for Godliness and complain or become lazy. Father, we pray in these days you would raise up your BODY, the church, and give us a hunger and a thirst for righteousness and Godliness. Help us Lord to be unwavering in our faith and steadfast in our focus on the kingdom of heaven rather that the temporary inconveniences and struggles of our day. Help us live with your word that instructs us to “be holy because I am Holy.1 Peter 1: 16.

Thank you Jesus you give us the mind of Christ so that all of our choices and decisions can be Christlike and lead to a deeper relationship with you and with others. Help us Lord, when we are tempted by the enemy, to be strong and resist. Thank you Father that there is always a blessing of strength and courage when we follow your commands and direction. We give you thanks Lord that all of your promises and all of your commands are for our good because you love your kids so much. Strengthen us for the battles of today and help us in our training for Godliness. We love and praise your holy name. In Jesus’ name, AMEN


Our Savior Lutheran Church is located in Cabot, Arkansas. We are a small church with a lot of love to give and to share with those that want to receive it. If you are a visitor to the church you will be hugged by Pastor “Mac”. Just say “Hi.” to the friendly people within the church.