Spiritual Temperature

And HE shall bring it to pass.

Psalms 37: 5

And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly to love mercy, and to walk humbly with you God. Micah 6:8

Micah 6: 8

What is the temperature of the environment of your home? Do you keep it at a comfortable 70-75 degrees or does it range from 50 to 90 depending on the season? Well, I actually meant what is the emotional and spiritual temperature of your home? Have you become rigid and so militant that everyone feels like they are walking on eggshells or have you been the one that interrupts the monotony and brings joy? I believe you have the power to change the environment with you words (or you silence) and your actions. It is almost impossible to rescue a drowning person who tries to “help” his rescuer. It is equally almost impossible for the Lord to fight our battles for us when we insist upon trying to fight them ourselves. There is a saying,”drop the rope” as in a tug of war battle. Drop the rope of your will to control , manipulate, or demand to have your prayer answered right now, and watch how the Lord changes the environment for you and those around you. Did you know that prayer and praise unlock the doors of heaven so that Thy kingdom will come and thy will will be done on earth as it is in heaven?


We praise you  dear Lord and give you all the honor and glory due your name; and for every answer to every prayer.
We thank you Father that your word says that we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Forgive us Lord when we allow our mind to be conformed to the patterns of this world swaying this way and that way instead of firmly grounded in your love. Lord let me be the one that changes the environment in my home, work, or wherever I am where the atmosphere is hostile and tense. Help me to trust and surrender my will to yours even when it feels like I am losing the battle. Help me to be humble in my opinions and kind in responses to opposing opinions. Teach me today what it means to “do justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”.

Dear Lord, give an extra measure of mercy and love to the people who are truly exhausted by trying to live in their homes and work places in peace and yet there is none. I cannot even imagine how it is for those on the front lines working who have to come home to a house filled with frustration and chaos.Let them know Lord it only takes one to change the environment.  Lord draw each of us to your throne of grace so that we may obtain what we need for the day to live at peace with everyone. In Jesus’ name, AMEN

                                                     BE ENCOURAGED,


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