Slow to Speak

“But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony. Therefore settle in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer: for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which ALL you adversaries will not be able will contradict or resist.”

LUKE 21:13-15
Woman Praying

Are you “quick to listen and slow to speak”? Or are you slow to listen and quick to speak? How do you respond when others offer criticism or opposing opinions?  Usually, behind a harsh critic or very opinionated person is a broken heart desperate for love and acceptance. Jesus asked Peter in Matthew 16, ‘Who do you say I AM”?  Is it possible that God could be using these times to test and grow our faith and to expand our testimony so that others may believe and trust in the name of Jesus who lived, died and rose again that we may have life eternal. Who do you say Jesus is?  Is He your Rock, Strong Tower, Shepherd, Healer, Mighty One? Who do you go to first we things are chaotic and fearful? The phone, the police, a neighbor, or…Jesus? Did you know that prayer opens the door to the treasures of heaven so that “thy kingdom (may) come thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven”?


We thank and praise you Jesus that you are faithful, trustworthy and nothing passes through your hands without your knowledge. Forgive us Lord when we try to come up with words and excuses to explain what is happening around us. Forgive us for not trusting or waiting for you when we are hurt, criticized or anxious. Draw us to your word daily that reminds us who we are(blood bought and forgiven) and whose we are(Children of THE KING heirs of Heaven).

Father God, help us to see others with your loving eyes especially when they are grumpy and critical. Help us be quick to listen and slow to speak and to trust you for the words we need to speak. We  pray for “a mouth of wisdom” and ask ” For the holy Spirit to teach us in that very hour what we ought to say”(Luke 12:12 paraphrased )  Dear Lord, we pray that even in the midst of difficulty and trials our responses are a testimony to others of your love and faithfulness. Help us to speak words of hope and encouragement to others. Give us wisdom and discernment so that we offer pearls to those who desperately need to hear of your love. Lord, I pray today that the main person we are quick to listen to is you. Quiet our soul(mind will and emotions) so that we hear you. We praise and thank you Jesus AMEN


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