Prayer Room

Are you settling in to the new normal and the new reality that Palm Sunday and Easter will be celebrated very differently this year? Are you overwhelmed with all of the life changes happening every day?  Are you trying to force possible outcomes or fearful of what might happen? Perhaps its time to learn a new language. The language of letting go.  The language that says slow down, don’t be in such a hurry? Remember prayer is the key to unlock the doors of heaven so God’s will WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven.                                        


Today we come to you Lord in faithfulness, knowing you hear and answer the prayers of your people. Thank you God that you give us a clear picture of humble obedience as your son rode down the streets on a young donkey that  first Palm Sunday. Lord as we approach Palm Sun help us to slow down and enjoy the new journey you have us on. Help us accept this new pace as a time to ponder your love and faithfulness in  difficult times. Draw us to your Word so that we can be strengthened and encouraged. Dear Lord we lift those who are lonely, anxious, fearful or struggling emotionally, to you. Provide a way for them to connect with others and by your Holy Spirit assure them that you will never leave them or forsake them. Give hope to the hopeless, joy and peace to the anxious and comfort to the lonely and afraid. We praise and thank you Lord that you ARE still on the throne and working in our midst. We pray that you continue to thwart the plans of the enemy so that you plans may prosper.
                                   IN JESUS’ NAME  AMEN

   BE ENCOURAGED   Lucy McDougall


Our Savior Lutheran Church is located in Cabot, Arkansas. We are a small church with a lot of love to give and to share with those that want to receive it. If you are a visitor to the church you will be hugged by Pastor “Mac”. Just say “Hi.” to the friendly people within the church.