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Weekly Prayer

Times Of Anxiety

His Word Provides Peace In Times of Anxiety

he Bible is filled with verses regarding fear and anxiety because our Savior knows we desire certainty and control.

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One of Those Days

Recent Sermons

Pastor “Mac” discusses the value of prayer in your journey to have a God Shaped Faith. There are 3 points he makes that you need to keep in mind when praying.

The Value of Prayer

  1. Prayer Works… Prayerlessness Doesn’t.
  2. God Answers Prayer.
  3. Prayer Produces Victory.
Today’s Reading: Luke 11: 1-4
Pastor “Mac” discusses the “The Value of Waiting”, and how some of the greatest followers of God and Jesus learned the value of waiting.
Today’s Reading: 2 Peter 3: 1-4; 8-9
Pastor “Mac” continues his sermon series on “A God Shaped Faith” by discussing how we can benefit from going through Trials. Trials can make us grow in faith and grow closer to God.
Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:3-9
What Goes in a “God Shaped Faith”? * We need to be people of the Word. * Remembers the countless ways that God has been with us, and he will never leave us. He is with us through the good times and the bad times.
Today’s Reading: Matthew 14: 22-29
Love is patient and kind. Pastor “Mac” talks about the Key to Godly Relationship is about Loving one another. The more differences we have the more we become closer to God because it causes us to pray for one another to love each other deeper. And that act of prayer we have the relationship that God wants us to have.
Today’s Reading: Romans: 12-1-5
JP Sellers talks about “Overcoming Evil with Good”. It is not easy to do. That is why you need the help of God.
Today’s Reading: Romans 12: 1-2; 14-21
Are you a “faithful” friend or an “unfaithful” friend? Pastor “Mac” discusses how to be a friend, just like Jesus is a friend to you and everyone else in the world. Jesus took all of our sins because he loved us. He is the friend that loves all time.
Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 19: 1-5