June 2019 Newsletter

This month we are very excited to be hosting Mission Cabot again this month. 

The Mission of Jesus

What does the mission of Jesus look like in your world? We know that Jesus was born into our world to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19: 10). We want that to be our mission too-in fact that is why we call ourselves “Seekers Student Ministry”! But what does it look like to join Jesus in His mission?

As individual and unique Jesus followers with individual and unique situations and contexts, joining the work that Jesus is doing all around us looks, you guessed it, individual and unique! What’s important is that we each ask Jesus to show us where He wants us to share His love and grace, and then have the courage to take the opportunities that He gives us. Some of those opportunities might begin with the activities and opportunities below, but many more will not. Instead they will come in the places and situations you are involved in on a daily basis. Keep seeking Jesus, and be courageous to join Him as He seeks and saves the lost!

Mission Cabot

You are invited to join Seekers Student Ministry for a week long local mision experience filled with friends, exciting activities, service, and growth in faith. Mission Cabot is for incoming 6th graders through recently graduated seniors. Cost is $75 and includes all expenses, admissions, and food for the week! Sign up is ongoing- you can register by replying to this email, calling Paul (248-613-9172), or signing up in the hallway at the church. Invite your friends and get ready for an awesome week of service!

Mission Cabot: Got Fruit
Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study

Summer is a time to relax, go on adventures, and refresh yourself before the next school year begins. As such, our Wednesday evening programming is also pretty relaxed. When we’re not going on awesome adventures as a group, we have our Wednesday evening summer Bible studies. These studies are a chance to hang out with friends, be engaged in some student-led Bible studies, and talk about what Jesus is up to in each of our lives. We’ll all have a fun game each time to keep things lively! In June we will meet on the 12th and the 19th from 6:30pm-8:00pm.